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main_x.i File Reference

#include "Version.h"

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int init_graphics (void)
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

int init_graphics void   ) 

Definition at line 438 of file Display_svga.i.

References bitdepth, black, black_gc, bufmem, cmap, display, DISPLAY_Y, eventmask, fill_gray, fprintf, green, hsize, img, key_matrix, keystate, led_font, linear_mem, memset, modeinfo, my_kbd_handler(), mywin, red, rev_matrix, rootwin, screen, shadow_gray, shine_gray, vis, and visualInfo.

int main int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 21 of file main_x.i.

References Frodo::ArgvReceived(), init_graphics(), Frodo::ReadyToRun(), the_app, and VERSION_STRING.

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