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e32frodo.h File Reference

#include <coecntrl.h>
#include <coeccntx.h>
#include <coemain.h>
#include <eikappui.h>
#include <eikapp.h>
#include <eikdoc.h>
#include <eikenv.h>
#include <eiktbar.h>
#include <eikcmds.hrh>
#include "e32frodo.hrh"
#include "main.h"
#include "C64.h"

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class  C64Starter
class  CE32FrodoApplication
class  CE32FrodoAppUi
class  CE32FrodoAppView
class  CE32FrodoDocument


#define KKeyBufSize   0x10


enum  TSnapShotState { ESnapShotIdle, ESnapShotSave, ESnapShotLoad }

Detailed Description

Header file for the Eikon Applications part of Frodo C64 emulator for EPOC32

(c) 1999-2001 Alfred E. Heggestad & Jal Panvel

Definition in file e32frodo.h.

Define Documentation

#define KKeyBufSize   0x10

Definition at line 170 of file e32frodo.h.

Referenced by CE32FrodoAppUi::HandleKeyEventL().

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TSnapShotState

defines the states in the (simple) snapshot state machine

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 34 of file e32frodo.h.

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