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e32frodo.cpp File Reference

#include "sysdeps.h"
#include "e32frodo.h"
#include <e32frodo.rsg>
#include "Prefs.h"
#include "Display.h"
#include "eikinfo.h"
#include <eikon.rsg>
#include <coeutils.h>
#include <apgtask.h>
#include <apgwgnam.h>
#include <eikdll.h>
#include <eikmenup.h>
#include <eikfnlab.h>
#include <gdi.h>
#include <eikcfdlg.h>
#include <eikmenu.hrh>
#include "prefsdialog.h"
#include "version"

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#define OFFSET_X   0
#define SPEED_TEXT_POS   TPoint(395, 20)




 _LIT (KDefaultSnapshot,"C:\\frodo.snap")
 default snapshot file name

EXPORT_C CApaApplication * NewApplication ()
GLDEF_C TInt E32Dll (TDllReason)
 _LIT (KHelp,".hlp")
 _LIT (KMatch,"-%S")


const TUid KE32FrodoUid = { 0x10005f47 }
 UID of app.

const char *const KCmdLiteralTable []

Detailed Description

Frodo Commodore 64 emulator for EPOC32

Ported from Win32 to Epoc32 by Alfred E. Heggestad & Jal Panvel Oct 1999 - Jan 2000

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Definition in file e32frodo.cpp.

Define Documentation

#define OFFSET_X   0

Definition at line 14 of file e32frodo.cpp.

Referenced by CE32FrodoAppView::ConstructL(), and CE32FrodoAppUi::HandleCommandL().

#define SPEED_TEXT_POS   TPoint(395, 20)

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

LED states

Enumeration values:
LED_ON  LED on (green).
LED_ERROR_ON  LED blinking (red), currently on.
LED_ERROR_OFF  LED blinking, currently off.

Definition at line 1755 of file e32frodo.cpp.

Function Documentation

_LIT KMatch  ,

Referenced by CE32FrodoAppView::ConstructL(), CE32FrodoAppUi::HandleCommandL(), and CPrefsDialog::OkToExitL().

_LIT KHelp  ,

_LIT KDefaultSnapshot  ,

default snapshot file name

GLDEF_C TInt E32Dll TDllReason   ) 

Definition at line 72 of file e32frodo.cpp.

EXPORT_C CApaApplication* NewApplication  ) 

Definition at line 60 of file e32frodo.cpp.

References ELOG1, and ELOG2.

Variable Documentation

const char* const KCmdLiteralTable[] [static]

Initial value:



Definition at line 324 of file e32frodo.cpp.

Referenced by CE32FrodoAppUi::HandleCommandL().

const TUid KE32FrodoUid = { 0x10005f47 }

UID of app.

Definition at line 47 of file e32frodo.cpp.

Referenced by CE32FrodoApplication::AppDllUid().

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