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Frodo Class Reference

#include <main.h>

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Public Types

enum  { EPriority = KFrodoPriority }

Public Member Functions

 Frodo (CE32FrodoDocument *aDocPtr)
 ~Frodo ()
void StartC64 ()
void ArgvReceived (int argc, char **argv)
int ReadyToRun (void)

Static Public Member Functions

FrodoNewL (CE32FrodoDocument *aDocPtr)
Prefsreload_prefs (void)

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

bool load_rom_files (void)

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 284 of file main.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Frodo::Frodo CE32FrodoDocument aDocPtr  ) 

Definition at line 19 of file main_epoc32.i.

References __CHECK_NULL, CTOR, and TheC64.

Referenced by NewL().

Frodo::~Frodo  ) 

Definition at line 504 of file main_Acorn.i.

References TheC64.

Member Function Documentation

void Frodo::ArgvReceived int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 119 of file main_Amiga.i.

References strncpy.

Referenced by main(), and WinMain().

bool Frodo::load_rom_files void   )  [private]

Load C64.rom files

Definition at line 62 of file main.cpp.

References C64::Basic, BASIC_ROM_FILE, C64::Char, CHAR_ROM_FILE, ELOG1, fclose, FILE, FLOPPY_ROM_FILE, fopen, fread, C64::Kernal, KERNAL_ROM_FILE, MakePath(), C64::ROM1541, ShowRequester(), and TheC64.

Referenced by ReadyToRun().

Frodo * Frodo::NewL CE32FrodoDocument aDocPtr  )  [static]

Definition at line 98 of file main_epoc32.i.

References Frodo(), and ReadyToRun().

Referenced by C64Starter::RunL().

void Frodo::ReadyToRun void   ) 


Definition at line 510 of file main_Acorn.i.

References DEFAULT_PREFS, load_rom_files(), C64::Run(), TheC64, and ThePrefs.

Referenced by main(), NewL(), and WinMain().

Prefs * Frodo::reload_prefs void   )  [static]

Definition at line 94 of file main_x.i.

References Prefs::Load().

void Frodo::StartC64  ) 

Definition at line 86 of file main_epoc32.i.

References RunThreadFunc().

Referenced by C64Starter::RunL(), and C64::TogglePause().

Member Data Documentation

CE32FrodoDocument* Frodo::iDocPtr

Definition at line 298 of file main.h.

Referenced by DigitalRenderer::reset_sync(), and C64Display::ResetKeyboardState().

C64* Frodo::TheC64

Definition at line 293 of file main.h.

Referenced by CE32FrodoAppUi::ConstructL(), Frodo(), CE32FrodoAppUi::HandleCommandL(), load_rom_files(), ReadyToRun(), RunThreadFunc(), CE32FrodoAppUi::SetFullScreenModeL(), CE32FrodoAppUi::SetPauseState(), and ~Frodo().

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