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SAM.h File Reference

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void SAM (C64 *the_c64)

Function Documentation

void SAM C64 the_c64  ) 

Definition at line 270 of file SAM.cpp.

References access_1541, address, ascii_dump(), assemble(), binary_dump(), compare(), MOS6510State::ddr, disassemble(), display_registers(), error(), exit_abort(), MOS6510::ExtConfig, fclose, ferr, fill(), fin, fopen, fout, fprintf, get_char(), get_reg_token(), get_token(), MOS6502_1541::GetState(), MOS6510::GetState(), help(), init_abort(), int_vectors(), load_data(), mem_config(), memory_dump(), modify(), MOS6510State::pc, MOS6510State::pr, print_expr(), R1541, R64, read_line(), redir_output(), registers(), save_data(), screen_dump(), MOS6502_1541::SetState(), MOS6510::SetState(), sprite_dump(), C64::TheCIA1, TheCIA1, C64::TheCIA2, TheCIA2, C64::TheCPU, TheCPU, C64::TheCPU1541, TheCPU1541, C64::TheSID, TheSID, C64::TheVIC, TheVIC, transfer(), view_state(), and Wimp_CommandWindow().

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