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IEC.cpp File Reference

#include "sysdeps.h"
#include "IEC.h"
#include "1541fs.h"
#include "1541d64.h"
#include "1541t64.h"
#include "Prefs.h"
#include "Display.h"

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const char *const Errors_1541 []

Variable Documentation

const char* const Errors_1541[]

Initial value:

        "00, OK,00,00\r",
        "25,WRITE ERROR,00,00\r",
        "26,WRITE PROTECT ON,00,00\r",
        "30,SYNTAX ERROR,00,00\r",
        "33,SYNTAX ERROR,00,00\r",
        "60,WRITE FILE OPEN,00,00\r",
        "61,FILE NOT OPEN,00,00\r",
        "62,FILE NOT FOUND,00,00\r",
        "67,ILLEGAL TRACK OR SECTOR,00,00\r",
        "70,NO CHANNEL,00,00\r",
        "73,CBM DOS V2.6 1541,00,00\r",
        "74,DRIVE NOT READY,00,00\r"

Definition at line 412 of file IEC.cpp.

Referenced by Drive::set_error().

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