E32Frodo homepage

-Commodore 64 emulator for Symbian devices

Latest version: 0.5.0

Updated 12. May 2003

This is the homepage for E32Frodo, the C64 emulator for Symbian OS. It was ported from Christian Bauer's original Frodo for Amiga. The emulator is free, including free source code aswell. You are welcome to improve E32Frodo. Porting was done by Jal Panvel and Alfred E. Heggestad. Porting to Nokia 9210 was done by Hannu Viitala. E32Frodo is one of the few Open Source projects for the Symbian platform.

There are two different versions of E32Frodo, one for 16 color machines and one for 256 color machines. Hopefully these will merge into one version soon.


Supported Symbian devices


Change history:
See here for the most recent change log (in CVS)

ER5 version (WINS emulator)

ER6 version (Nokia 9210 emulator)

Sony Ericsson P800

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